Toast of the Town


I asked ChatGPT4/Dall-E to "Create a photo that fits this profile: The scene - A brightly lit stage adorned with colorful streamers and balloons sets the stage for the momentous occasion."

The photo above is one of the responses. I also got the text response which is comically over-verbose.

In the center: A proud-looking robotic figure, resembling a friendly toaster on wheels, beams as Mayor Jones, a distinguished-looking bulldog in a dapper suit, presents the "Above and Beyond Award." The toaster robot, sporting a tiny chef's hat, clutches the award with its metallic appendages, a single bolt above its eye twinkling with delight.
Flanking the duo: A diverse group of characters representing the community gathers around, their expressions brimming with joy and admiration. A wise-looking owl, perched on a stack of books, claps enthusiastically with its wings. A cheerful squirrel, sporting a miniature chef's apron, holds a sign that reads "ACFB Rocks!"
Adding to the merriment: A nervous-looking robot, resembling a vintage wind-up toy, trips over its own wires, sending a tray of cupcakes flying. A bespectacled raccoon, with a clipboard in hand, rushes to the rescue, attempting to catch the falling treats with a wide grin.

My first reaction is a feeling of blah. There's a lot of detail, but in many ways, too much in the text and in the image response. Maybe this is just a way for an artist to get started with a spark of creativity.  

What do you think? 


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