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Easy Step-by-Step Directions to Start Using Google Drawings

  This past year I discovered It's a genius way to create very simple how-to guides. This one uses the built-in voice synthesizer and all the animation in the tutorial is part of the Iorad app.  7 STEPS 1. The first step is to open Google Drive and click New 2. With your mouse, hover over More 3. Click Google Drawings 4. A second way to open Google Drawings is to type in the Google Chrome browser location bar. 5. A third way to create a new (or open an existing) Google Drawing is to click Insert from the Google Docs menu. (This also works in Google Slides and Sheets) 6. Click New. Click From Drive to open an existing file. 7. That's It, You're Done! Here's an interactive tutorial ** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **

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