Systematic Improvement Informs Leadership

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Data Speaks 

This is a true statement but what does the data say? Much has been said and done about student formative and summative assessment and how it can be used to improve instruction and student outcomes. Everyone agrees that our students deserve to excel as compared to their own learning, their peers, and as compared to common standards. 

I think too often in this conversation the teachers and students miss out on the opportunity that modern data systems can provide. For example, are the results immediately available for action. Formative assessments should guide learning. Am I learning? What do my students need more practice and instruction in? Do teachers have the tools and training to guide instructional units and differentiated instruction in a timely manner? 

In this short Adobe Spark video I talk through some of the main points I have come to in a unit that is part of the Leading EDGE Flex Administrator badge. The mission Systematic Improvements is an opportunity to work out some of these topics and how they apply to my current position. I think that leadership, at all levels, can be better informed by the use of advanced data systems that make it easier for teachers and site leaders to make decisions that better inform instruction.


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