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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship 

Staying Up-to-date

Are you current in your knowledge and practice of digital citizenship? Teachers, administrators, digital coaches and technology support specialists all have many topics to stay on top of to stay current in our times. With the demanding nature of educational technology trends it is easy to let digital citizenship move to the back-burner but this can be very detrimental to our students and school climates. It can also put our schools and districts in legal jeopardy in relationship to CIPA, eRate, and many other federal, state and local regulations. 

Through LACOE-ITO we support schools and districts with the Digital Citizenship Initiative. This coming month, in preparation for Digital Citizenship Week 2021, I will host a one-hour workshop overview of key resources for educators. It will be held online October 14, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. Register here for this, my first public workshop as a LACOE Outreach Consultant II. 

I am preparing for this interactive workshop by gathering the best resources available to educators here today. What do you recommend? Please leave notes and comments via this form. I'd be happy to include your input. 

Thank you!

J. Mark Schwanz


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