Give Me Five: Green Screen Fun


A Virtual Playground

I have begun to explore the benefits of using a green screen for live and recorded video. Here I show a first look into my attempts to get that cool "I'm in outer space" look, or "I'm with someone famous" to add some fun to the student learning experience. 

This is part of my series, a playlist called "Give Me Five." Give me a "high five" and I'll give it right back. As teachers we're all trying to make the most of digital learning tools that are available to us. Distance learning is hard but there are some aspects that can enable fun and creativity that will carry over to when we are back in brick and mortar buildings. 

Audio track created with Video recorded with Zoom and Loom. Edited with Windows Video Editor. J. Mark Schwanz Digital Coach, Washington and Mark Twain Elementary Schools, Lynwood USD


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