A new Google for Education Certified Trainer


I am in

I just received the news that I am now a Google Certified Trainer. It only took two months from the date I started preparing. Thanks to a very helpful course with Kiker Learning and the preparation materials with Google for Education I was able to get through the process relatively unscathed. Much appreciation to my friends and family who have been supportive. Many coworkers and teachers in Lynwood USD participated in training that I provided. Some of my friends have even worked with me to hash-out a 1:1 support model that is working. 

What's next? I need to have some time to get acquainted with all the awesome resources I'm being provided by Google. I need at least a week to let this sink in. Hopefully I will have more opportunities to provided training and support with my school and district teachers, helping us all reach the next level. 

For now I'll be publishing training videos, large and small, on my YouTube channel. See below for the latest and to subscribe (please). 

and my personal YouTube channel with some branding to come


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