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Making a Friendly Resume

I was working feverishly to update my resume/cv for a recent job application. In my asking for some help from a friend, he mentioned he had access to some professional templates. Then, I thought, why didn't I think of that? He logged me in and after some tinkering, tweaking, touching up and some complete re-arranging this resume is what I came up with. 

Recommending Me

In the process of applying for a job I also put out a request to some of my former co-workers, supervisors, and bosses who could craft letters of reference. Thanks to Ryan Patanaude of FEV Tutor, I have one of the best letters of reference I think that has ever been penned.

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It is in it's original form as a recommendation on my LinkedIn but here it is:

To me, Mark Schwanz is a pioneer and innovator in K-12 Education. Previous to working with him in 2013, Mark had a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in Educational Technology, online/blended learning, and leveraging technology in concert with effective face to face instruction to accelerate learning outcomes for students while designing and developing personalized learning pathways catalyzed by technology integration.

My work with Mark centered on the early adoption of our FEV Tutor product, which was in its infancy at the time. Mark provided professional consulting and feedback on the product, for improvement, through an educator lens, and worked tirelessly to connect us to his network of forward-thinking educators to look at the product and consider adoption. That type of work is incredibly difficult in the absence of a larger user base, lack of research and evidence early on, and a brand-new concept that K-12 had limited exposure to (1:1 Online Tutoring).

I will continue to believe that it is/was the work of K-12 leaders like J.Mark Schwanz, who paved the pathway for FEV Tutor to find a starting place with early adopters for part of a truly organic growth model over the course of time. To me, that work is important, innovative, and crucial to making improvements and effecting positive change in K-12 public education. For all of those reasons and more, I would recommend providing Mark an opportunity to make a similar impact in other organizations, schools, districts and charter schools.


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