A hearty recommendation

September 2, 2020 

My friend and fellow overseer Regan has shared the following hearty recommendation on my behalf: 

Regan and Mark working

To Whom It May concern: 

I have known Mark Schwanz for over fifteen years and can vouch not only for his competence as a digital coach, but more importantly his outstanding character and integrity. He has a passion for the possibilities of all aspects of social media, emphasizing always the positive elements. He has created many platforms in which people can share views and ideas, again using the tools available to build up and encourage others.

As a teacher of ESL, I have found the transition to remote learning daunting and discouraging. I am a novice in all areas of using technology for distance learning. Mark has helped me with Zoom, Loom, Kahoot, Google hangouts, Google docs, and Google slides. Although I received training in all these areas through my school district, Mark was invaluable in his coaching. He was more patient and thorough than all the other "professional" training I had received, and walked me through practical applications, often more than once. As he was helping me, I told him he should consider being a digital coach; he is clearly gifted in this arena.

I hope you will select Mark Schwanz for a position in your school, district or organization. I would be happy to elaborate on any further questions you might have.

Regan Read


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