Ready, set, grow.

I'm realizing more than ever that one of the aspects of this COVID19 Summer of 2020 is "Professional Development." What a better way to prepare for a time such as this, than to have training and support in the most cutting edge educational technologies today. I made the connection that I'm doing coursework in TEAL (Technology Enhanced Arts Learning) and Google Certified Trainer and that both of these certificates emphasize innovation and the use of online, blended learning.

I had this realization: "blended learning" is at least two-fold. Blended learning commonly refers to instruction that is both in the classroom and online. (see article by Maxwell) But, in light of the TEAL emphasis, I can readily see that, at least in my practice, blended will also encompass overlapping Arts, Science, ELA, Math, EL, SEL, VAPA, and more standards! (sorry for all the acronymns).
The 4 Cs
From TEAL 160 Introduction to STEAM


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