Come on and coach me.

What is the predominant metaphor used today for adult learning? I think what I hear most often is that if of the sports language, "coach." Mentor is too relational. "Teacher, professor, consultant," all too infused with academia or business baggage. 
Guide, Sherpa, "fellow traveler"... all too hipster.

Since the beginning of my teaching career almost 30 years ago now I have found myself in many varied technology coaching roles, so that is where I identify. In an effort to be a better coach to others in the edtech "game" I am pursuing my Google Certified Trainer certificate this summer.

I have to admit I was skeptical that the training I would get through the Google Ed. Center and the course I am doing with Google Partner Kiker Learning would be engaging and on the mark for me in this process. After a week, though, I am hooked and starting to get "booked." Hooked on the hyper relevant approach to adult learning and booked in that I am beginning to fill out my calendar with trainings. 

Part of the requirement to be certified as a Google certified trainer is to do at least five trainings within five weeks. I thought it was very serendipitous that while I was on my first live call with kicker Learning I received a confirmation that I would be a trainer for my districts back to school training. Also I just started reaching out to friends and contacts to see if I can provide support and training and people are being responsive. It's a good problem to have. 

As such a time as this training and support, coaching, is needed more than ever. In addition to official training programs there are countless informal channels of peer support that are ramping up. I want to be a part of this wave however I can. 

One of the key components to effective coaching is modeling. Teachers have so much to offer their peers and the support they offer is tightly embedded in their curriculum, district and school culture, available technology tools, and so on.

So let's go. Let's teach and coach each other so everyone wins. After all, isn't equity and access a higher goal? Online and blended learning is no longer the future, it is NOW.


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