Maker creative


The heart of making is something I see needed during a time-such-as-this. I was sitting at my Chromebook thinking about this when I saw a "book-art" shared on Twitter.

Amazing what this artist Phil Shaw created in this bookshelf art:

I have a few examples from my past week, of creativity, that is. It's through making and creating something new that we can in part overcome the gloom of quarantine or shelter-in-place times.

I took up the carpet and restored the 100-year-old wood floors in my boy's room. This was a huge amount of work precipitated by a leak in an adjacent room and needed repairs. Whatever the reason this learning experience resulted is a warm, rustic, functional piece of art. After hours of sanding I concluding I will not likely ever end up in the professional floor restoration business. Struggling through this kind of project has given me an appreciation for what can be accomplished while sheltering at home.


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