Working together is the way

Recent visit to CalTech

We all need to work together. I was pumped to hear this message from our LUSD Board President, Gary Hardie.
It's true that times like this call us on to bigger and better things. Caring for our families, our friends, our neighbors. Hunkering down may not be our choice, but in itself can be the thing that helps break the back of this invisible monster COVID19.

I'm gathering that there a groundswell of educator urgency to do whatever we can to help all of our students but we feel hampered by distance between ourselves and our students. It's a fact that many digital tools are already in place, and edtech has been building for just this kind of crisis for the past 20 years especially. But, now that we are in this crisis we lack some of the direction in just how to make things work.

I find myself leaning on some of the principles of distance learning that can help:

  1. Technology tools can serve to personalize learning so use them to do just that so each and every student can have as many opportunities to learn as possible. 
  2. Teaching and learning work best when our basic needs are being met. Food, shelter, safety, health, family, caring
  3. Communication is enhanced by technology but can be overwhelming, so use tools to adapt to each individual. Individuals need time to adapt too, so show understanding and patience, but also make steps clear and "geek speak" free as possible.
  4. Routines. We know all learners do best when there are clear routines set in place so they can focus on the task at hand. 
  5. Feedback. Positive messages abound but we often forget to praise. So use technology tools to provide recognition, clarity, and to build community, contentedness. 
That's my list so far. What do you think? 

Here's a great list and resource document by "Ask A Tech Teacher."


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