Ramping up Remote Learning

Working out the Ramp-up

I was out for my morning walk when I was struck by the image of nearly empty streets, normally busy with go-to-work traffic, and quiet establishments like the 24-hour casino. It made me reflect on the growing importance of the many online tools for remote learning. While I have had many online tools in place for my students for years, there is a step-up to the move to full-time online remote learning.

In my case with TK, I began with a quick survey to all of my 22 families. Immediately yesterday I started receiving responses. So far, 24 hours later, I have a 50% response rate. Today I'll follow-up and reach out some more. More on the details of this process later.

I would like to support other teachers in their process of setting up their online remote learning toolkits. Here's the body of the email I just sent to our school's staff:


Here are a few online learning resources at our fingertips:

1. Tynker.com. Site license provides access to hundreds of coding lessons. Synchs with Google Classroom. Students can progress through teacher assigned lessons and independently through projects, exploring coding lessons.

2. Getepic.com  Now offering free remote access IF student/parent receive invitation from teacher. Synchs with Google Classroom. See https://www.getepic.com/learn/freeremotestudentaccess/ for info.

3. TK-2  Www.abcmouse.com. Once classroom setup, students can access remotely at least lessons you assign to them. Unlimited access from home is free for 30-day trial period.

4. Using Google Hangouts Meet https://gsuite.google.com/products/meet/ is part of our Google Apps for Education Suite and can be used to conduct live support, conferences, calls. It includes the ability to share your screen and to record you session.

5. Many more tools are available. Take a look at the LUSD Digital Coaches Online Learning Notebook, containing a multitude of options for you to consider.
Guiding principles for this stage in digital learning adventures:
  1. Every student and his/her situation is completely unique.
  2. All families have their own personal challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Think outside the box and flexible when creating custom learning plans.
  4. Personalize learning to support continuity for all learners.
  5. Provide tons of praise and responsive, caring support to parents, caregivers, students.


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