Make the most with what you have

What do you do when you have too many pallets? 

You have to know I entered into this weekend with much the same trepidation that so many others did: Time to prepare. I am a part of a very close-knit community. Our church community is like a big family and we are all preparing together by sharing shopping tasks, covering for those who are staying-in, helping people who will be telecommuting, and many other tasks.

I've put some of my energy into cleaning up my pallet paradise. I have grown strangely accustomed to sizing a pallet up and finding a new use for it. Re-purposing the old, ugly, and ready for the trash heap. I ask the question, "Now what do you want to become?" Or, less personal, "What does this pallet need to be now?" Because it is such a pain to take them apart, especially if they are very old and worn, I try to keep them together as much as possible. In the case of my little projects today, I took a nod from my son Connor to make a planter box for their bike shed (also made with pallets four years ago).

Pallet planter box. Soon home to a radish garden.

I also used a pallet that I got from a local gas station to make this yard and house tool holder. It will help us keep these items from just being strung about the driveway and workshop area. This pallet was in better shape and pretty new, but is chemically treated, not heat treated. This makes it not good for wood working and anything plants or hands will touch. I may add some paint just to make it stand out a little. 

Simple tool holder. Cost $0

Anyway, I'm trying to make things for other people as much as possible, but sometimes when you ask a pallet what it wants to be the answer you get is something you can use in your own home and community.


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