Make it, great


In this time of "safer-at-home" we have to be creative to keep ourselves and our families busy. We have found time time and means to redo the TKTinkerSpace shop, which doubles as our woodshop for our busy church congregation. To our good fortune a truckload of used lumber was available through a friend so that resource combined with the creative design of a few friends we moved in to the new shop area.

In just a short time a number of community projects are underway. Craig was able to setup the lathe and start some projects. Patty helped me sort hardware, nails, screws and fixtures of every kind and Jeremiah has led the effort to add a ceiling to our laundry area in garage. Today my boys helped me design and put together the first set of planter boxes for their mom's front-yard squash and pumpkin garden.
Keeping our social distance

Now, how many did we make today?

Jeremiah finishing the lathe bench


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