Just trying to figure this all out

What I'm getting so far in this remote learning transition that we are all just at different stages of trying to figure this out. My kids at home already do online learning so they are leagues ahead. My friend who is a SPED teacher already has a full schedule supporting her whole case-load and more. I'm moving a few more parents/students from my TK classroom onto our digital resources every day.

I'm realizing that we need to bring the fun, participatory aspects of our early primary classrooms into the home learning environments.

Here's a few video's I've created so far to encourage parents to work with their kiddos in this new and changing remote learning world.



Here's a few resources I've found.

Jason Hubbard has a really innovative way to schedule learning incorporating his own kids at home with his school schedule, with a lot of fun and solid STEM connections to boot.
Here a very simple way to encourage some constructive use of time and space for home P.E. (indoor).

This is a creative way to "schedule" the classroom learning:


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