Chair city

This summer I have carved out some time to craft some special items. I gave my shop as much time as I could. After I built a double seat bench with a middle table, a friend, Gene, came by and was inspired. For he and his wife I built a beautiful double Adirondack style setee. They wanted the style of the bench but with a more relaxed feel.

For Scott I built a captain's chair. He came to me with his idea of a perfect patio chair. AS we developed the plans, I fine-tuned a simple but sturdy chair with plenty of features. For a description of the captain's chair see

Captain's Chair base model

Scott's chair

Scott's chair with added study tray

Double seat bench with built-in table

Making Gene and Monique's seat backs

Chair's finished, now to attach the middle table
Ready to deliver

Delivered, complete with custom foot rests

Time for tea!


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