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Me with a class in 2003

I started publishing websites about twenty years ago now. When I first began my teaching career I found myself at the intersection of the brick and mortar school and digital learning. I wanted my students to have their hands on whatever computers and high quality programs we could get access to. Through a lot of tinkering we went from floppy disks, to digital tape, then intranet and finally the internet in each classroom. I viewed website publishing as a way to create curriculum on the go to differentiate and make learning personal.

All this to say I'm eventually moving my Wordpress blog formally hosted at over to this domain. Even though Blogger as a service is kind of dated now (I used it 8 years ago and it hasn't changed that much), I am working on my certification as a Google Educator. At least it's fully integrated with Google. Please give me a follow and share. 
~ Mark


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